Monday, 12 April 2010

ManHunt 2010 Season Dates

Fresh from the ManHunt oven, and still piping hot we're serving up a delicious selection of ManHunt London season dates for you all to enjoy, with a happy sprinkling of summer weather and a generous portion of all round awesomeness.

Want to come and play Hide and Seek with us? Come along! It's spontaneous and free!

Wednesday 5th May - Imperial War Museum Gardens, 7.30pm
Wednesday 12th May - Trafalgar Square, 7.30pm
Friday 21st May - Tower of London, 7.30pm
Wednesday 26th May - ManHunt vs the Dinosaurs, Crystal Palace Park, 7.30pm

Wednesday 2nd June - N.B. No ManHunt this week - season recess

Saturday 12th June - Hampton Court Maze ManHunt, 3.30pm
Wednesday 16th June - The final! The National Theatre, 7.30pm

So save the dates, come along and play Hide and Seek or as it's otherwise known, ManHunt!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

2010 Season coming soon

So ManHunters, kicking up dust waiting for the next season to arrive? I know, I know, it will come around again soon enough. We have a shiny facebook page which you can check out on the left side of this page which includes sections on suggestions of where to play and where you can socialise with other players in your area.

We'll back from the bunker alive and well as soon as it gets warm enough to play again. It's going to be ... monumentous...

Game on!

Friday, 4 December 2009

Manhunt London - The Royal Albert Hall The Revenge!

We're back at the wonderful Royal Albert Hall for this evening's game, come along for fun, frolics, and Hide and Seek!

Saturday, 7 November 2009

ManHunt Friday 13th November 2009 - Tate Modern!

Lucky Friday 13th brings us into the fourth game of the season in front of the Tate Modern!

The terrain: Plenty of short trees between which to slalom while evading capture make for good temporary hiding spots, while tourists and passers-by will make for good camouflage. Floodlights provide excellent dazzling cover for quick dashes from danger. As you can see there's plenty to clamber on and under making this game spot ideal for good climbers and bench hiders.

Friday 1930hrs. At the foot of the Tate Modern chimney. Be there.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Manhunt Friday 6th November 2009 - Royal Opera House

This week's game we'll be meeting outside the front of the Royal Opera House at 7.30pm on Friday.

The terrain: By comparison to last week's game in Marble Arch, this week we have fewer opportunities to duck into grass, clamber around trees and other foliage. Avoiding buskers and tourists will be our main obstacles allowing plenty of opportunity to mingle in with passers by and to weave through bars and pubs. Seeing fast moving players dart in the periphery will be vital for any manhunter worth his or her salt in catching their quarry!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Manhunt Friday 30th October - Marble Arch

Manhunt London - 7.30pm - Marble Arch

Players meeting at the foot of the arch.

In this week's battle for the most highly coveted of all covetable items - the London Manhunt Trophy the Robot of Righteousness - takes place in the bustling area of Marble Arch!

The terrain: As the terrain borders on Hyde Park where play will be best, there's plenty of coverage from trees and close to the ground dense foliage. It does also give more enterprising players the opportunity to climb trees and to mingle in with tourists. We don't need to tread too carefully to avoid detection on account of the traffic, but it will make players difficult to spot. It could be quite muddy, wearing trainers is advisable.

Friday, 16 October 2009


Welcome to Manhunt London. We are a group of grown ups who enjoy playing 40-40 and Hide and Seek in Central London.

First Game: Meet outside the reception of the Gherkin Building at 7.30pm Friday 23rd October 2009

It’s essentially Hide and Seek for adults. Fancy a bit of fun on a Friday that doesn’t involve going to a pub? Then you can play a really big game of 40-40 that is played around city blocks in London. The next game is at the Gherkin building in the City.

The winner gets a trophy called ‘The Robot of Righteousness’ which is normally fashioned from a ‘sustainable resource’. Each game lasts about twenty minutes, and, weather permitting, they hope to get in a couple of rounds. The game is open to all and is completely free.

Meet outside the Gherkin building’s reception on the ground floor on Friday 23rd October at 19:30 and please tie something red around your arm when you get there to mark yourself as a player!

- Thanks very much for the plug Flashmob London!

Keep an eye out on this page to see where we'll play next.

NB. DISCLAIMER: Please note that we are NOT affiliated with any commercial, political or religious organisations.


*Update: Facebook outage resolved!